Reshaping the lending economy

Europe’s debt capital 

securitisation platform

For institutional investors
Gain access to an attractive asset class
For institutional investors seeking alternative investment opportunities
For lenders seeking refinancing
Build client relationships while maintaining balance sheet flexibility
For financial institutions facing the challenges of loan book limitations, reserve provisions or cluster risks
For peer-to-peer platforms
Use of our streamlined white label securitisation service
For P2P platforms looking to offer their investors the advantages of investment in bonds

The problem

Despite massive liquidity programmes and zero-to-negative interest rates, parts of the eurozone and the SME sector are still not recovering economically.

The context

 “The Commission’s priority – Europe’s priority – is jobs and growth. To get Europe growing again, our challenge is to unlock investment in Europe’s companies and infrastructure…we need to build a true single market for capital – a Capital Markets Union for all 28 Member States.”

– The European Commission’s Green Paper “Building a Capital Markets Union”, February 2015


The solution

Through our innovative single-loan securitisation process, we aim to be a catalyst in creating a unified European debt capital market, with the goal to move capital where it’s really needed.

Single-loan securitisation as a service

Our unique and fully licensed securitisation setup enables us to transform single loans originated across the EU into bonds.

Cross-border investment

Our platform is designed to bring together loan originators and investors at a supranational level.

These are the cornerstones of our vision to deliver:

Access to the credit asset class

Making investment in this attractive asset class possible across the EU for both retail and institutional investors, with possibilities for buying and selling of the bonds in future via a secondary market.

Improved flow of capital & economic growth across Europe

Giving SMEs and private clients in the EU better access to financing, helping promote economic growth and taking a significant step towards establishing a debt capital markets union.