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Enhanced scalability for originators’ lending business


Enabling investors to build a diversified portfolio of loans via bonds


CrossLend is connecting the world’s investment capital with the real economy’s financing needs through single-loan securitisation

Loan investment via bonds

Loan A
Loan B
Loan C

Sale A
Sale B
Sale C

Bond A
Bond B
Bond C

The European Debt Exchange for single loans

An innovative solution

CrossLend brings together loan originators and institutional investors from across Europe on a single platform. We enable our partners to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively by means of our unique single-loan securitisation process, which transforms loans into bonds on a 1 loan:1 bond basis.

Our aim is to help institutional capital flow more steadily throughout Europe, while building a complementary and seamless risk-transfer mechanism.

Transparent, fungible bonds and CSSF-licensed set-up

Through CrossLend’s vehicle – approved and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg (CSSF), Luxembourg’s financial regulator – illiquid loan receivables are turned into bonds. Each bond has its own ISIN, is settled through Clearstream and is fully transparent as it represents a single loan.

Single-loan vs traditional securitisation

Benefits to our partners

Loan originators

  • Expansion and diversification of funding sources through a single platform
  • Precise risk management as transactions are made on a single-loan basis
  • Access to cross-border institutional
  • Increased speed, simplicity and cost reduction by using a ready-to-go structure
  • No warehousing: loans can be securitised
    as they are generated
  • Securitisation of many types of assets, no need for homogeneous receivables as in traditional securitisation
  • Focus is kept on originating, servicing
    and customer relations

Institutional investors*

  • Access to a non-correlated asset class historically yielding attractive returns
  • Investment into otherwise difficult to
    access opportunities
  • Reduction of compliance workload with a single onboarding for all transactions
  • Investment in products from fully appraised international originators
  • Full investment transparency
    (1 bond:1 loan)
  • Effective deployment of capital, even
    on a daily basis
  • Streamlined reporting that simplifies
    compliance workload

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